Why You Need To Adapt Changes In Your Business

Why You Need To Adapt Changes In Your Business:

In today’s fast-moving world no business can survive without adapting change within an organization. IoT has helped businesses a lot in today’s World. Check the guide on how IOT devices boost your business. If a business doesn’t adapt changes timely that that business might lose its customers. Businesses who fail to bring change become like dinosaurs. If you want to be successful then you need to adapt changes in your business.

Why Is It Important To Adapt To Change:

Today the rapidly changing business environment is becoming a headache for business owners. Employees today also want to work in an organization that adapts changes. Let’s take an example of Nokia on why you need adapting to change in the workplace.

Nokia was the best selling mobile phone brand from 1998 to 2008 but suddenly it died. In 1999, the profit of Nokia was almost $4 billion. Nokia created the best ever phones which were 3310 and 1100. But when Apple released it’s iPhone, Nokia started to lose its share. Because Apple was working on new technologies and was improving customer experience. On the other hand, Nokia’s Managers didn’t want to change their Operating system, mobile design, etc. They were afraid to release a smartphone on the level of the iPhone. Nokia didn’t follow the touch screen and android technology and gradually started to lose its customers. On the other hand, Samsung and Motorola followed Apple and brought new smartphones which were according to the customer needs.

So you should not become like Nokia i.e. you need to adapt changes in your business if you want your business to keep running.

why you should adapt changes in your business

Why You Need To Bring Change In An Organization:

1) Technology is Changing The World:

Without technology today no business can survive. Gone are the days when you need to have a secretary to write a document for you etc. If you adapt new technology in your business then it will increase your productivity. Like with the help of IOT you can manage our office from all over the World.

2) Change of communication method:

You cannot communicate today with the employees or your customers if you don’t have a proper updated channel of communication. Technology has affected the way of our communication and if a business does not follow the latest communication methods like emails or some messaging app then it might suffer.

3) Customers want change:

Today’s customers want new and innovative products. For Example no customer will buy a 2 MP camera smartphone today. Customers also want to get support 24/7. Companies have an opportunity to meet those needs.

4) New platforms/frameworks of working:

Every day a new framework comes to work on and clients demand projects on those. Like today web apps are getting built on React JS as it helps in developing applications easily. Similarly like there are many other frameworks like Ruby on Rails that have their own requirements and advantages. So if a company is just working on simple web apps then they will find it difficult to get a client. Also, the employees don’t like to work on old technology.

5) More People Will Work With You:

If you adapt change in your business and present some new and innovative ideas then you might get some partners or investors for your new plan. Also, bringing change in organizations allows employees to learn something new Educated employees love to deal with the new challenges and technologies and are always eager to learn something new.

6) Remain on top of the competition:

Every business and market has its own competitors and you need to compete with them. If you want yourself to be on top of the competition then you should bring changes in your organization, else your competitor might acquire your customers. Take an example of Facebook that why Facebook regularly bring updates to its design? If Facebook would be the same as 5 years ago then everybody today might not be using it.


Following the above guide you need to adapt changes in your business. Bringing change is business is as important as bringing change in your life. As long as the technology progresses, customers demands will also increase. So to meet the customers demands the organizations must adapt changes in their business.