Take Retirement Early Else You’ll Lose Your Health

You Should Take Retirement Early Else You’ll Lose Your Health

Early Retirement requires years of planning that’s why early retirement is definitely not suitable for everyone. If you haven’t saved enough during your working age then it might be difficult for you to take retirement early. If you have kept some savings from day 1, then you should definitely take retirement early. You shall not wait for your 60’s to take retirement, instead you should take retirement early else you’ll lose your health. If you are confused with how much do i need to retire comfortably, you can use the best retirement calculator to calculate your retirement savings. Due to the problems listed below you should take retirement early else you’ll lose your health.

Why You Should Take Retirement Early:

1) More Chances of Flu:

As you become older and older your immune system gets weak and doesn’t remain as strong as it used to be. Many Old Age people die due to flu-problems. If you keep working there are more chances for you to catch the flu because in a working environment you meet with different people. So if you take retirement and sit at home then there are fewer chances to catch the flu.

2) You Gain Weight:

If you work continuously sitting on a chair then obviously you will gain weight since there is no physical and healthy activity. You lose your muscles as you grow older. Also, the calorie-burning capacity of our bodies gets weak as we grow older. Over Weight also creates other health issues, that’s why you shall retire and sit at home. Do different activities to remain fit.

3) Vision/ Eye-sight Problems:

eye vision

                                         Source: https://www.allaboutvision.com/over60/vision-changes.htm

Eyes change as we grow older. Growing age weakens vision and eyes. Also, if you sit regularly in-front of a computer then there are more chances for your vision to get weak.

Some Common eye problems:

  • Presbyopia:  In this problem the person cannot see close objects clearly i.e. He or She becomes a farsighted person. This often occurs after 40’s
  • Dry eyes: In this condition tears aren’t able to provide adequate lubrication for the eyes. Due to this the person feels sting or burn.
  • Tearing: In this condition, the person’s eye bring tears when they face heavy wind, light or temperature changes.

By taking retirement early and avoiding sitting on a computer you can avoid these problems.

4) Weakening of Legs and gluteal muscles:

Why you should retire early

If you sit too long, your legs and gluteal muscles become weak. These muscles help you in walking properly. If these muscles become weak, then there are chances of falling.

What happens if you have weak gluteal muscles:

If you have weak gluteal muscles you might face back pain problems, hip pain problems, pains in thighs, etc.

So you should take retirement early and avoid sitting for long hours on a chair.

5) High BP and Cholesterol:

As humans grow older and older their BP and cholesterol level also rises. If you don’t take retirement early then you might face everyday tension of going to work, completing your tasks on time, preparing presentations, etc. Also sitting and working continuously without any activity will raise your cholesterol level and these 2 factors can cause you a severe heart attack or stroke.

6) Alzheimer disease:

Alzheimer is a disease in which the person  suffers memory loss. After 40, there are more chances of Alzheimer to occur. So if you don’t take retirement early you might forget your work tasks and you might get scolded for it. You can also get fired. Taking retirement yourself is much better than getting fired.

7) Depression and Stress:

When you work too much you remain unsocial i.e. you don’t get enough time to meet friends, family or enjoy social gatherings. Due to this a person feels lonely and gets into depression.

Other Benefits of Taking Retirement Early :

  1. You enjoy with your friends and family
  2. You can travel freely around the World
  3. You become your own boss
  4. You can start your own work


Following the above problems of health you should take retirement early else you’ll lose your health. Other then health benefits you can also enjoy other benefits of taking retirement early as mentioned above. If you have questions on how to retire early you can read out this book  : how to retire early book