Need Of ChatBot In Educational Institutes

Why There Is A Need Of ChatBot In Educational Institutes

No one can deny the Need Of ChatBot In Educational Institutes. The Advancement of technology is changing in every aspect of life. It has also changed the way of gaining knowledge. The ChatBots are acting as an assistant for the teachers to evaluate their student’s performance. Also, ChatBots are helping students in learning. ChatBots saves time and money.

What is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot is basically a software that can simulate a conversion with the user in natural language. The user cannot identify whether a machine is responding to his queries or a human. The conversion can be simulated through messaging or either through voice. A ChatBot is the most advanced interaction of a user and a computer.

Need Of ChatBot In Educational Institutes:

1) ChatBot is an advanced method of learning:

The biggest advantage of ChatBot is that it is an advanced, automated tutoring system for students. A ChatBot analyzes a student’s learning pattern and teaches the student according to this capability. Not every student likes to sit in the lecture room and listen to the boring lecture. ChatBots helps students in learning by providing a pattern of questions just like a normal conversation. ChatBots provides questions to the students according to their learning progress.

learning through chatbot

2) Increased engagement of students:

Nowadays, every student likes to interact with technology. Either on messaging, social media or VA students are always busy on these platforms. A ChatBot can provide updates to the students automatically in the form of messages like assignment deadlines, quizzes, etc.

messaging chatbot

3) Smart Feedback:

The Need Of ChatBots in Educational Institutes is also because of the smart feedback. Feedback is the most important aspect of learning as it helps the students in identifying their week points. Usually, teachers don’t provide feedback to students and just scold them. Due to this, the students cannot identify their week points and thus they do not show progress. ChatBots can take feedback in the form of has was the lecture? What did you learn? How the course can be improved? etc.

4) No need of a guider for new students:

The ChatBot can also be deployed as a guider. Many students come to the college campus or college site and cannot find the proper guidance for new admission. Before Chatbots educational institutes had to keep a guider to guide students about the admission policy. Online social media bots also keep students engage in your social media.

admission chatbot

5) Anytime assistance:

Gone are the days when the students were afraid to ask something from their teachers. Through ChatBots the students can query directly and can get their relevant answers.

6) Updated Information:

Machine learning ChatBots learn themselves automatically as more and more queries are asked. As the students regularly interact with the Chatbot the bot collects that data. This data includes all information about the student. The institution  can apply data mining techniques on this data and can work on the areas they need to improve.

How Many Types of Chatbots Are There:

There are 2 types of chatbots:

1) Rule-Based Chatbots:

These are also referred to as decision tree bots. They work on the principles of if-else. They are powered with only a set of predefined rules and cannot answer other than those rules. These Chatbots are fixed for only one scenario i.e. When there is a set of repeated questions all the time.

2) Machine Learning Chatbots:

They are the most advanced type of Chatbots and works on the algorithms of machine learning. These chatbots generate their own answers to more complicated questions using natural-language response. These chatbots are trained one time and they learn themselves automatically in the future. The bot answers by matching query through some string matching algorithm and then provides a response from a list of known responses with the highest confidence value.

Chatbots examples:

There are many types of ChatBots examples including chatbot facebook, chatbot google etc. There are many Chatbots examples in education also :

Best chatbot:

Following are some of the best chatbots of the World:

  1. Mitsuku
  2. Rose
  3. Poncho
  4. A.L.I.C.E


Keeping the above benefits is mind there is definitely a Need Of ChatBot In Educational Institutes. So the educational institutes shall follow up with the latest technology and shall implement these types of Chatbots to help the students and teachers.