How To Avoid Your Email Being Marked As Promotion

How To Avoid Your Email Being Marked As Promotion:

Email marketing is one of the most common and important methods of acquiring customers. But many companies end up their email going in the promotions tab. Email marketing free is available through many email providers. Most customers use Gmail and google marks the marketing emails as promotion and puts them in their promotions tab. Customers don’t usually click the promotions tab and therefore your email is missed. This guide from guidesgeek will provide you tips on how to avoid your email being marked as a promotion. There are many email marketing tips and email marketing templates online.

Email marketing definition:

Email marketing is the process of sending a commercial message to a group of people, using email. It is the use of email to acquire customers and promote your product or service among them. The use of email marketing is to develop relations with customers who lie in different geographic locations. There are many different email marketing services available online some of them are :

1) Constant Contact:

It is the biggest and fastest-growing email marketing service today. It allows to easily manage email lists, email templates and more.

2) Drip:

Drip is a powerful email marketing platform for eCommerce, bloggers, and digital marketers. It offers intelligent automation tools that reduce the workload.

3) SendinBlue:

It is a complete SMS and email marketing software.

4) ConvertKit:

ConvertKit offers email-based support and has an extensive knowledge base with great learning material.

5) GetResponse:

It helps by providing beautiful responsive forms, landing pages, A/B testing, tracking, and autoresponders.

Mail-chimp is also an email marketing service and provides the user with an in-depth view that which customer has opened the email and who has not. You can access the Mailchimp login from here.

Pros Of Email Marketing:

1) Price:

The Biggest advantage of email marketing is that it’s free of cost and doesn’t require too much hard work.

2) It Shows High ROI:

It provides a high return of investment since there is not much investment and the return is quite high.

3) Helpful in acquiring new customers:

Its the best and helpful channel to acquire new customers. It is much more effective than Facebook or twitter.

4) It helps in SEO:

You can create quality content and pitch different bloggers through emails and acquire backlinks.

Email Marketing Is Still Useful:

  1. 94% users still use email on the other hand only 60% use social media.
tips on how to avoid your email being marked as promotion


2. According to 75% of adult individuals, email marketing is still there preferred marketing method.

3. It allows acquiring customers by demographics

4. Much more templates and designs then social media.

5. email offers more reporting and analytics capability, such as click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion.

Tips on How To Avoid Your Email Being Marked As Promotion:

The biggest concern for all companies is that the majority of people are Gmail users today. And due to different google algorithms, the email with any sort of marketing is marked as a promotion.

Graph of different email clients:

email marketing

1) Ask customers to add your email in their white-list:

Email sent through different services directly goes into the promotions tab. You should ask your customers to add you to their contact list.

2) Look for your words:

On the off chance that your email utilizes a huge amount of promotional language, at that point, it is common that Gmail will believe it’s a promotion and will send it to the Promotions tab. This may sound self-evident, yet now and again the least complex things get ignored.

Skip words like “Deal,” “Free,” “% Off,” “Deals,”,”Discounts” “Coupons,” particularly in your headline.

3) Deliver with greetings:

Start  the message with a greeting like “hello” or “hi”. Include an introduction that’s similar to what you might include in personal correspondence, such as “I hope you’re doing well. Try to make the message personal like you are writing to a friend. End the message like “hope to see you” etc.

4) Don’t Use many images:

Don’t use many images as google considers an email with images as a promotion.

5) Keep the text simple:

Don’t make the text stylish by using some custom HTML. An email with any sort of HTML coding is likely to go in the promotions tab. Keep the text simple like you are writing to a friend.

6) Don’t Put a lot of links:

Don’t put a lot of links in your email else your email will be going in the promotions tab. Keep the number of links just two or three only.

7) Make your email address personalized:

Try to make your email address personalized like “” instead of “”. Gmail can tell the difference between personal and business email addresses.

8) Send the email according to geographic time:

Send the email according to the customer’s time. Try to send the email in the morning according to customers’ time so that your email has more chances to be opened by the customer.


If you tried all the tips above and still end up your email in the promotions tabs, don’t lose hope. Its natural that your got frustrated when you spend time on an email campaign and it doesn’t get viewed, but the Promotions tab probably won’t spell the end of email marketing success. Only about a third of Gmail users have enabled the tabs. Increase up your efforts and follow the tips accordingly, keep testing till not passed before sending to the  customer.