How IOT Devices Can Boost Your Business

This guide will tell you about How IOT devices helps in business. Today everyone is curious about “How IOT devices helps in business”. This guide will help you clear your confusion.

What is IOT or Internet of things?

Internet of things or IOT is connection of different devices together on a network. IOT connects different computers, digital devices, mobiles together so that data can be shared between them.

What is IOT

How iot works with examples:

IOT works on the following 4 components:

1) Sensors:

Used to collect real-time data. Sensors detect the surrounding environment and provide’s accurate data.

2) Connection:

Connection to a database or cloud whichever is required to save the data for processing.

3) Data Processing:

This involves the processing of data through different machine learning algorithms and then providing the output based on that data.

4) User Interface:

An easy to use interface so that the information can be made available to the user.

How IOT devices helps in business:

The internet of things is transforming the businesses from every aspect. Either in employee management, resource management or cost management, IOT provided benefit in every aspect. Here are some of iot in business examples:

1) Track maintenance and resources:

Gone are the ways when you used to listen “Sir the printer is out of ink or paper”. Now through IOT you can keep track of your printers paper and ink yourself. Now you can keep track and warn the support person whenever the ink or paper gets low. IOT helps you to connect to the inventory and update you how much resources are left in stock. You can make new orders without any other person’s involvement.

2) Save Electricity bills through smart fans and bulbs:

The main concern for every business is the electricity bill. Because the employees usually forget to switch off their cabin’s fans or lights when leaving. IOT can help you overcome this problem. Now smart bulbs and fans works on motion sensors and also you can schedule their power time. These bulbs and fans work only when there is some human present inside the room. Whenever a person leaves these devices switch of automatically.

3) Provide Free Assistance:

In the start of any business, not everyone can keep an assistant for daily tasks. Bots assistants like Alexa and Siri helps you to schedule your daily tasks. These assistants helps you in controlling and managing all your business needs.

4) Smart Locks Provides Better Security:

You don’t have to provide your employees with the keys now as smart locks give access to all the employees according to their needs. You can create specific access for only authorized persons. Smart Locks works through face scan, bio-metric etc. You can control each and every lock of your office just by sitting at your home. Smart Lock also updates you when a door has been left open. So that you can close them by just one tap click.

5) Smart Monitoring:

Now you don’t have to worry about a loyal and honest guard. Through security camera’s you can monitor all you business just by sitting anywhere. You can monitor different security footage around all your office. You can also monitor your employees that they are working or not whenever you a on a business trip.

6) Monitor Delivery:

Through smart tags and sensors you can monitor your shipment from anywhere in the World. This also helps businesses in stock and inventory management.

7) Smart Cleaning:

Through smart vacuums you can keep your entire office clean entire office clean without any Custodial staff. So no to worry about the cleaning and security. You can also save your money through these smart cleaning.

8) Smart Climate Control:

Smart thermostats can be used in offices to adjust the temperature in such a way that everyone remains comfortable. These devices can be controlled through voice or some assistant like google assistant, Alexa, or Siri.

Above are some of the benefits of using IOT devices in your offices. Besides these benefits there are also several other benefits of using IOT.

iot devices examples:

Following this guide you can know “How IOT devices helps in business”.

General examples of how iot helps in business:

  1. Easy Collaboration
  2. Remote Work
  3. Acquiring Data
  4. Data Mining to increase productivity.
  5. Data sharing
  6. Increase efficiency.