You should always prioritize your comfort when traveling short or long distances. But, some people neglect an essential traveling gear – a travel pillow.

Travel pillows make trips and flights tolerable by cushioning your head and neck for better sleep and less fatigue. They come in different materials, sizes, and styles, and it can be exhausting looking for one perfect travel pillow among hundreds.

Luckily, we have done the challenging bit by researching and testing numerous traveling pillows based on style, quality, portability, durability, and customer ratings. Based on our findings, we concluded that these are the nine best travel pillows.

Best Travel Pillow Overall – Trtl Pillow


The Trtl pillow does not feature the traditional U-shape design, yet it is scientifically proven to offer neck support. It uses an internal neck support that resembles a neck brace to hold your head in place when sleeping. This hidden support conforms to the shape of your neck to prevent sore shoulders, stiff neck, and neck pain.

It is rated the best travel pillow on Reddit because users love the unique scarf style, which allows them to position the pillow on the side of the neck for side-sleeping or underneath the chin to hold the head upright. Additionally, its super-soft microfleece texture keeps you warm and cozy.

Weighing just 4.5 oz., the Trtl pillow is lightweight, travel-friendly, and machine-washable. However, ensure you remove the springy plastic neck support when washing.


  • Lightweight and attaches to your backpack
  • Hidden support holds the head better
  • It uses soft-hypoallergenic fleece for comfort
  • Supports side and front sleeping
  • Comfortable, snug fit with the Velcro fastening
  • Machine-washable
  • Not suitable for tall people
  • It can make you hot

Best Travel Pillow for Long Flights – Ostrichpillow Go-Luxury Travel Pillow


The Ostrichpillow Go-Luxury Travel Pillow is the best neck pillow for long flights since it offers 360-degree neck support. Its high-density memory foam nestles your neck for superior comfort while providing total support to your head.

Its soft viscoelastic sleeve and Velcro strap allow you to customize the pillow for a perfect snug. Plus, the sleeve is made of soft, breathable fabric to keep you cool and is removable for quick machine washing.

This travel pillow is perfectly portable since it compresses to half its size.


  • 360-degree, total neck support
  • Made with high-density memory foam
  • Viscoelastic sleeve and Velcro strap allow a custom fit
  • Compresses into a smaller size for portability
  • Soft and breathable sleeve
  • It comes in one size and can be too big for users with small necks
  • Not comfortable with earbuds on
  • Quite expensive

Best Travel Pillow for Neck Support – Huzi Infinity Pillow


The Huzi Infinity pillow comes in a versatile scarf design, making it the best travel pillow for neck pain. You can twist, wrap, or conform its oval shape (or Mobius shape) to the shape of your choice to accommodate all your sleeping positions. Thanks to this versatility, you are at a lower risk of experiencing neck pain.

The cover fabric is made with super-soft and breathable bamboo to keep you cool if you are a hot sleeper. Meanwhile, the interior has layers of microfibers to help your neck muscles relax.

Additionally, the Mobius shape allows you to transform the pillow to suit your space when sitting in a window, aisle, or middle seat. Plus, this convertible travel pillow acts as a noise-canceling pillow when you use it as a head scarf or as a lumbar pillow when you wear it as a backpack.


  • Offers 360-degree neck support
  • Made with super-breathable bamboo fabric
  • Its Mobius shape allows adjustments so you can find your ideal sleeping position
  • Layers of microfiber support the neck muscles to prevent pain and stiffness
  • Versatile design offers chin and lumbar support
  • Machine-washable
  • It does not compress into a travel-friendly size

Best Inflatable Neck Pillow – Urban Forest Inflatable Neck Pillow


Travel light without compromising comfort with the Urban Forest inflatable neck pillow. Unlike traditional inflatable pillows that require you to blow air using your mouth, the pillow’s silicone tree pocket works as a storage pocket and an inflation device.

Simply attach the pocket’s opening to the red button and squeeze a few times. When you arrive at your destination, press the red button pillow lightly for fast deflation. Interestingly, the pillow’s deflated size is smaller than an iPhone X, making it the best travel pillow for backpacking.

Also, this TPU- and polyester-made pillow comes in a one-character joint design to offer comfort and flexibility.


  • Compact size for travel
  • Storage bag works as a manual pump for fast inflation
  • Made with soft, breathable TPU and polyester
  • The one-character joint design provides neck and side support
  • Fast deflation when you press the red button
  • It can be too big and uncomfortable for some users

Best Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Saireider Travel Neck Pillow


The Saireider neck pillow contains 100% pure, odorless, and toxic-free memory foam. It conforms to your body’s shape for head, neck, and spine support.

The pillow’s flat-cut design at the back allows it to fit perfectly in the seat. This provides better neck support and prevents head bobbing. Moreover, the semi-circular shape offers 360-degree support, and you can adjust the pillow size with the toggles.

The pillow also folds into a small size to fit in the included storage bag, and it only takes 3 seconds to restore its shape.


  • SGS-approved pure memory foam pillow that’s flexible and durable
  • Ultra-soft pillow cover is gentle on the skin
  • Adjustable toggles to customize pillow size
  • The flat-cut design prevents neck pain and muscle soreness
  • Pillow compresses for portability
  • All-round neck support with the semi-circular shape
  • Pillow feels solid and firm for some travelers

Best Bead-Filled Travel Pillow – Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

The Cloud Microbead travel pillow uses millions of microbeads that conform to your neck’s shape for maximum support. The microbeads keep your head and neck comfortable regardless of your sleeping position.

The pillow cover has cozy plush fabric on one side and spandex on the other for dual comfort. It also features a snap closure that prevents your head from bobbing and snaps onto your backpack or luggage when traveling.

Finally, this cheap neck pillow also doubles as a lumbar support and a massage table pillow.


  • Double-sewn seams hold the microbeads for durability
  • Tiny, premium microbeads conform to your preferred sleeping position
  • It has soothing spandex and super-soft plush sides
  • A snap closure secures your neck
  • Not machine-washable
  • Does not compress

Best Travel Pillow and Blanket Set – EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow


Enjoy the convenience of a soft travel pillow and blanket with the 2-in-1 EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow.

The blanket comes in a micro-plush, rectangular carrying case that doubles as a soft pillow to rest your head. Note that you can only use the pillow when the blanket is inside the carrying case. Once you remove the blanket, the case ceases to be a pillow.

The EverSnug blanket is made with premium microfleece yarns for a soft, velvety feel, and measures 65 inches long and 40 inches wide to keep two people cozy.


  • 2-in-1 blanket and pillow design
  • Made with ultra-soft microfleece yarns
  • Large blanket that can keep two people warm
  • Only weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Clips and attaches to backpacks and suitcases
  • You cannot use the pillow and blanket together
  • It can make you hot

Best Travel Pillow for Pregnancy – Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow


The Hiccapop pregnancy pillow wedge guarantees pregnancy comfort in the first, second, or third trimester. Its wedge shape supports the hands, legs, feet, back, and belly to prevent swelling, back tension, numbness, and back pain.

To guarantee comfort, one side of the pillow has soft memory foam, while the other has firmer support foam. This way, you can flip sides to match your current needs.

Tiny, perforated holes allow airflow ventilation to keep you cool when sleeping. And, the plush cover is soft, washable, and durable.


  • Made with soft and firm memory foam
  • Wedge design supports the belly, hands, knees, legs, and back
  • The perforated foam layer keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Removable, washable, and durable cover
  • A convenient size for traveling
  • May slide out when sleeping
  • It can feel too firm under the belly

Best Travel Pillow for Kids – Bcozzy Neck Pillow


Kids tend to fall asleep on road trips and flights, which puts them at risk of experiencing neck pain and stiff necks. But with the Bcozzy neck pillow, your child’s head and neck are well-supported for better sleep and comfort.

The pillow wraps around your child’s neck to provide double support to the chin, neck, and head. It also provides a balance between softness and firmness for a comfortable experience. Plus, the curved Velcro system is customizable to fit your child’s neck perfectly.

Finally, a snap loop makes it easy to carry in a backpack or suitcase.


  • Provides double support for your child’s neck, head, and chin to prevent neck pain
  • Adjustable Velcro system
  • Made with microsuede and microfleece to strike a balance between firmness and softness
  • Snap loop snaps on backpacks and suitcases
  • Machine-washable
  • The pillow feels thin and flimsy

Best Travel Pillow Sold at Airports – Cabeau Evolution Classic Pillow


Forgot to pack your travel pillow? Grab a Cabeau Evolution travel pillow at an airport shop since it is reasonably priced.

Made with premium memory foam, the pillow conforms to your neck to cushion the head and chin. It is slightly raised on the sides with a flat-cut design at the back for 360-degree comfort regardless of your sleeping position or seat. And you can customize the neck size with the clasps.

Plus, the cover is made with ultra-soft fabric gentle on sensitive skin and is moisture-wicking, pulling moisture from your neck.


  • Made of premium memory foam
  • Provides 360-degree cushion to the neck, chin, and head
  • Plush outer fabric does not irritate the skin
  • Adjustable clasps for a customizable fit
  • The removable cover is machine-washable
  • Too high for users with small necks
  • Takes much space

Factors to Consider When Buying a Travel Pillow

These five factors will help you choose the best travel pillow, according to Meesho:

Pillow Type

It is crucial that you get the correct type of travel pillow for a comfortable trip. The main travel pillows are inflatable, microbead, and memory foam neck pillows.

Inflatable travel pillows inflate and deflate for light packing, and you can control their firmness. Microbead travel pillows use polystyrene beads for comfort and support, but they are bulky. Memory foam travel pillows are padded with thick memory foam to align your neck with the back of the seat. They are the most preferred travel pillows for long flights since they are firmer and more comfortable. But they are pricier.


A good travel pillow should offer maximum comfort when sleeping in an upright posture. But look for a neck pillow that is suitable for your sleeping position. Some pillows are designed for side-sleepers, while others have a wrapped-around design for 360-degree comfort.


When buying a memory foam travel pillow, get a hard and firm texture to support and stabilize your neck. Feeble-textured pillows do not hold the head in place.


Proper neck support reduces strain on your neck, back, and posture. Therefore, choose a travel pillow that aligns your nose to your chin.


Travel pillows do not need to be heavy and bulky. Inflatable pillows take minimal space since you inflate them during use, while memory foam travel pillows can be compressed into small, easy-to-carry sizes.


What is the Best Travel Neck Pillow?

We found the Trtl pillow to be the best travel pillow. It features a scientifically proven neck support that holds your head’s weight when sleeping upright to prevent neck pain.

Is a Travel Pillow Worth It?

Travel pillows are worth it since they provide neck and head support. They help alleviate discomfort and neck pain, keeping you comfortable.

What is the Proper Way to Wear a Travel Pillow?

According to The Points Guy, the proper way to wear a U-shaped travel pillow is to have your chin at the bottom of the U and the open end at the back of your neck. This prevents your head from bobbing, helping you sleep better.

How Do You Wash a Travel Pillow?

It is best to check the pillow’s washing instructions to ascertain whether you should wash it by hand or by machine. Also, use gentle cleaning detergents on your hand-wash travel pillow to avoid ruining it.

When using the washing machine, place a cotton pillowcase on the pillow to prevent stretching out and load similar laundry into the machine to reduce strain. Also, use mild washing powder and run the machine on a gentle cycle.


When choosing the best travel pillow, always consider comfort, portability, and materials. Go for a neck pillow that is perfect for your sleeping position, fits your bag, and settles well in a seat. Also, opt for a pillow made of responsive materials to conform to your neck. We hope this best travel pillow review and guide helps you find what you’re looking for for your next road trip or flight.

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