If you have been browsing for cordless vacuums, you know they can be high-priced, with some brands retailing for over $750. Cordless vacuums perform as well as corded vacuums with their rechargeable batteries. And they are exceptionally light and maneuverable to ease your cleaning routine.

But not all cordless vacuum cleaners are expensive. You can get versatile, well-performing cordless vacuums for under $100. Can’t believe it? This guide lists the five best cordless vacuums that efficiently clean pet hair, dust, and debris from furniture, carpets, hard floors, corners, stairs, and car interiors.

Best Overall Cheap Cordless Vacuum


It offers excellent suction power for small cleanups like crumbs and dust. The 60W motor has a 14.1 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow, which is decent for its size. Additionally, a HEPA filtration system prevents the collected ultra-fine particles from blowing away for cleaner air. Unfortunately, this vacuum is ineffective at cleaning big particles.

This unit has an EZ Clear collection dust bin, that allows you to monitor dust levels. But, the 3.4 fl oz. bin is relatively small and requires emptying after every cleanup.

The Auto Joe offers 8 minutes of runtime and uses a universal USB charger for fast recharging.


  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Perfect for small cleanups
  • Produces 14.1 CFM airflow
  • Battery lasts for 8 minutes
  • HEPA filtration traps ultra-small particles
  • Included crevice tool cleans tight spaces
  • Recharges in 4 hours only to last 8 minutes
  • Inefficient at cleaning large messes

Best Value Cordless Vacuum


Its anti-tangle brush allows easy hair pickup and removal. Other cleaning carpet and hardwood, the vacuum fits underneath furniture thanks to its angled cleaning head and front-facing dustbin. To ensure that you collect hidden dirt, bright LED lights provide illumination.

Some vacuum cleaners become less effective as the dirtbag fills up, but not the Black + Decker. Its cyclonic filtration keeps the filter clean for optimal performance.

Depending on your cleaning needs, this cheap cordless stick vacuum also works as a handheld vacuum. Attach the crevice tool to deep clean stairs, upholstery, and car interior.


  • LED floorhead lights expose hidden dirt
  • Autosense Technology changes suction power between carpet and hard floors
  • The front-facing dustbin allows you to move the stick vacuum under the furniture
  • Works as a hand and stick vacuum
  • Cyclonic filtration promotes optimum performance
  • Offers 44 minutes of runtime
  • The self-standing upright design offers convenient storage
  • Does not get too far under the furniture

Cheap Cordless Vacuum for Hard Floors


The Dirt Devil Power is also efficient at carpet cleaning when the brush roll is activated. It picks up embedded dust, pet hair, and crumbs from thick rugs in 2 or 3 swipes. And you need not worry about foul odors as the dirtbag uses a carbon filter to reduce smells.

We love that this cordless vacuum offers fade-free power throughout cleaning. Its 16V lithium battery lasts 15 minutes on hard floors and takes less than 3 hours to recharge. You can check the battery level indicator on the vacuum to monitor how much power is left.

Also, the stick vacuum’s cleaning head steers easily around furniture and corners. Its low profile nozzle fits underneath furniture, although its low dustbin affects how far it can go.


  • It uses a fade-free power battery
  • Carbon filter minimizes foul odors
  • Switches between carpet and hard floor cleaning by turning the motorized brush roll on or off
  • It comes with a 0.7L XL dirt cup
  • Lightweight, steerable, and easy to clean
  • Battery recharges fast
  • It lacks a hose and does not convert to a hand vacuum

Cheap Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair


This affordable cordless vacuum generates powerful suction to remove embedded pet hair from the carpet, upholstery, car interior, and hard floors with its powerful motorized brush. It includes a crevice tool to pull dirt from tight spaces and hard-to-reach spots and an upholstery tool for soft surfaces.

Moreover, Bissel’s cordless and lightweight design allows quick cleanups around your home. Its battery can last three uses of quick cleanups.


  • Allows cordless cleaning wherever your pet goes
  • Works on upholstery, carpet, hard floors, and car interior
  • Lightweight for fast cleanups
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Motorized brush produces powerful suction
  • Crevice tool and telescopic extension wand clean tight spaces
  • Dirt bin empties easily
  • Features a built-in battery, not a replaceable one
  • Battery life could be better

Cheap Cordless Vacuum Machine under $50


The vacuum features an attached retractable flip-up brush and a pull-out crevice tool for added convenience. These attachments reduce the risk of misplacement.

A 16V lithium-ion battery provides cyclonic action to draw dirt into the translucent dirt bowl for strong suction power. The cyclonic action also ensures the vacuum maintains consistent suction power by keeping dirt away from the filter.

This hand vacuum performs exceptionally on low-pile carpets, high-pile carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery. Unfortunately, it only provides 10 minutes of runtime.

The vacuum’s slim nozzle cleans tight spaces, and you can extend the crevice tool for deep cleaning. Additionally, the nozzle rotates 180 degrees to each side for angled cleaning.

Cleaning the unit is relatively easy since the bagless dirt bowl discards debris right into the trash can. Hand wash the bowl and filter in the sink, allow them to dry, then reassemble them for the next cleanup.


  • Battery lasts for 10 minutes
  • Clean carpets, hard floors, and upholstery
  • Features an energy-saving, fast-charging base
  • Pull-out crevice tool and flip-up brush are on the vacuum
  • Cyclonic action technology ensures optimum performance
  • The nozzle rotates 180 degrees left and right
  • It takes 4 hours to charge
  • Finding a replacement battery is difficult


Are Cheap Cordless Vacuums Worth It?

Absolutely. Cheap cordless vacuums still offer excellent suction power and maneuverability like the higher-end models. Some even transform from stick to handheld vacuums for added convenience. However, research intently before buying because not all affordable cordless vacuums are high-quality.

Which is the Best Budget Cordless Vacuum?

The Auto Joe AJV1000 is the best cordless vacuum on a budget for under $30. It is perfect for cars, offices, RVs, and home use. But if you are looking for a larger but cheap vacuum, get the Dirt Devil Power Pet Swerve Vacuum Cleaner.

What to Look for in a Cheap Cordless Vacuum?

Cleaning ability and battery life are the most important factors to check in a cheap cordless vacuum. You want to ensure the vacuum can clean your home’s pet hair, carpets, or hardwood floors. Gtech adds that you check whether the cordless vacuum battery offers adequate cleaning time on a single charge.

How Long Do Cheap Cordless Vacuums Last?

Oh So Spotless explains that cordless stick vacuums often last for 5 to 8 years, with handheld vacuums lasting 3 to 5 years. To ensure your vacuum lasts long, always empty the bin, untangle the brush, and clean the filters periodically. Do not wait for the motor to clog to perform a maintenance routine.

How Much Should I Spend on a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

The cost range of cordless vacuum cleaners is between $50 and $1500. Medium-priced cordless vacuums cost $150 to $300, but if you are on a budget, you can get great products under $100, like the Black + Decker Power Series+ (BHFEA520J) Cordless Stick Vacuum.


Choosing a vacuum is easier with our list of five best budget cordless vacuums. When getting one, ensure that it can efficiently clean your surfaces and that its battery can finish cleaning your home on a single charge. Additionally, get a lightweight, maneuverable model or one that converts to a hand vacuum.

The Auto Joe AJV1000 is the cheapest cordless vacuum we found. Its small size offers powerful suction for cleaning small messes. Get the Dirt Devil Power Pet Swerve or the Black + Decker Stick vacuum if you’ve got a large home.

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